Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Download Counter Strike Extrame v5

Now Counter Strike Extrame present in v5 that definitely has the following advantages and disadvantages I've describe the advantages and disadvantages of this CS, the most popular games can be downloaded at the link below.
The advantages of this game:
  • Overall, pretty good, certainly better than CS Extrame v4
  • Added 8 Crossfire characters
  • Update Launcher CS Extrame Alisoftware Version v5, which is more easy and userfriendly
  • The new Map-Map such as Egypt, Monaco, Prison
  • Added "New Human Scenario"
  • Menggubak "Kill Streak" to "CF"
  • New interface from the GUI Background
  • Zombie've dikurangin into his IMBA
  • Bot intellect rises, more accurate shot
  • New Weapons & M1887 Matana
  • New Mode: Human Scenario
  • Map more of the old refurbished & Map
  • Character-Character converted to CS Extreme CF, become increasingly similar to the cross fire
  • Game lag is quite reduced and more smoothly than previous versions
  • Can play all maps without it hangs found
Disadvantages of this game:
  • Weapons just updated a bit (yes cuman Katana & M1887)
  • The problem is still the same as the CS Extrame v4 Errors are still frequent in some OS Windows 7 and netbooks.

Computer Specifications
* CPU - Intel Pentium 4, 2.4GHZ and above
* RAM - 512mb
* Graphics Card - Nvidia GeForce 5 Series 128MB and above
* Operating System - Windows 2000/XP/Windows 7
* Hard Disk Drive - 2GB
* DirectX - 9.0c

* CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo and above
* RAM - 1GB
* Graphics Card - Nvidia GeForce 7600 256MB and above
* Operating System - Windows 2000/XP/Windows 7
* Hard Disk Drive - 2GB

Download: via mediafire
Counter Strike Extrame v5 (9 Parts) (Password : alisoftware)
Launcher versi Alisoftware (must be downloaded)
Mini Patch

Download Megaman x8 Free Game For PC

Megaman x8 is the game that much sought after by lovers as a very exciting game is played, the game is very large almost 1 GB, for those of you who want to have this game please click the link below to download the game Megaman x8 free.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Download Super Mario 3 (Mario Forever) 2011

Super Mario Bros. 3 comes with the newest edition of Super Mario Forever is designed by using the end result remake of Super Mario clasik (previous edition). Now the latest Super Mario Forever is equipped with a level of diversity than previous version which is very impressive. You have to pass from below the water level reached the level filled with hot lava.
But behind the perfection Mario Forever require too much time from the processor, especially the design on the old version. Mario Forever is similar to Super Mario Bros. clasik where changes in graphics and sound almost unknown so that users are familiar with this game will not feel any difference. Basic platform of this game has not changed at all and you will not find a broad set of features, but you can change the keyboard controls to turn off the music and sound effects.
Super Mario 3

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Download Fancy Pants Adventure 3

Your netbook users who has limitation in playing games on a netbook. Maybe you could try this flash-based lightweight games on your netbook.
This game is very light due to flash-based and its size was fairly small-only 2 Mb. This game is perfect for users who want refreshing the Netbook little at a time when too late to work.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Download PES 2011 Free For PC

For those of you who like the football must already be familiar with PC Game Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 or known as PES 2011. If my friend was looking for this game, my friend can download PES 2011 for PC for free here.
In the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is a lot of added features include:
-Total Control
-Shot and Stamina Gauge
-New Defender AI
-Animation and Player Physics
-Speed of Play
-Tactical and Strategy
-Feint settings
-Master League Online
File size of this game is quite large at around 1:31 GB. To simplify the download process you can use Internet Download Managaer but if you do not have the IDM you can Download here IDM last version.

Google Earth 6 Final Offline And Online Installer

Besides being the world's largest search engine. Google also has developed a virtual globe program called Google Earth. By using this one program you can circumnavigate the globe without having to move from where you sit because google earth will show almost all the places that exist on earth as viewed from an airplane or satellite.
For now Google Earth has released the newest version which is version 6. Google Earth where 6 is to have the latest features and advantages. Here's the latest from the version 6:
  • With Google Earth 6 you will be able to explore the world in 3D.
  • Now you too can see the animated trees in three-dimensions across the surface of the earth.
  • In addition, Google also has made ​​it easier to know and find the image location of the past, you could see the imagery of Warsaw in 1935, London in 1945, etc. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

SpeedUpMyPC 2011 To Speed ​​Up Computer or Laptop

Along with the use of the old computer then your computer's performance may feel more slowly. SpeedUpMyPC 2011 is an application for Windows that allows you to check the computer and speed up your computer performance.
This software comes with a number of tools to improve the speed of your computer. SpeedUpMyPC will scan your computer to identify the processes and settings files that slow your computer.

- User Interface
- Optimization
- Clean-Up
- Settings
SpeedUpMyPC 2011

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9.6 Full

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the most popular download manager with over 200 million users around the world. DAP speed up the download process and help you get a variety of applications and video files that you want very quickly. other than that DAP also has other attractive features such as security settings and files are very flexible.
DAP is easy to use and works automatically with the web browser to make the download process fastest. With the launch of the latest DAP to Google Chrome support, the download process becomes more powerful.
With the help of DAP, you can easily download videos you want from youtube as well as from other popular websites. download process will also be more secure with the SpeedBit's Multi Antivirus (MAV) is no less great with other leading antivirus on the market.
Another advantage of this application is the DAP is available in 39 languages ​​professionally translated by the translation wiki SpeedBit. DAP also support to Firefox 4 and increase the trigger download

Download NetCut For Windows7

Download Netcut - Netcut is a software used to hack wifi or lan then their connection will automatically be cut off. Usually the software is used to steal the bandwidth of the other thus our connection will be faster especially if all we cut all hotspot users.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Download Alien Wars Free Game For PC

This game as well as on the Helicopter game we have to finish some missions to get the best value of every mission that we passed there will always be facing the enemy and at the end of the mission will always be the greatest enemies (king) who need long time to destroy it. Level of difficulty of this game are varied and can to be played by all ages. For the lovers of adventure games in particular is very suitable to be played.
Trick play this game is, because the aircraft's life is limited, so we have to really - really save and have to be nimble in play control. And that obviously do not often see the Bada enemy in front because it will memepercepat our aircraft was hit to consider is the movement of the opponent's bullets. There is a great place to dodge the bullet from the attack. You can find out while playing this game. safely perform your mission, good luck adventure.
Alien Wars

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Download PCMAV 5.1 Update Build2 (Mei 2011)

PCMAV 5.1 Build 2 update is already available, with the addition of 75 new virus database update build 2 on this, as well as additional updates urlupd.bad. For the latest PCMAV users in May 2011 or PCMAV 1.5 is expected to soon update its database update PCMAV you with build 2 (file update.vdb).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Download Critical Damage Free Game

Download Free Game Critical Damage. Interesting and entertaining game action space. Simple and clear management. More than 90 types of enemies. 12 types of weapon is enhanced with the player. many people who like this game because in addition to leisure time you also can relieve boredom for a day with activities, please download this game on the link below!

Critical Damage Free PC Game Screenshot
Critical Damage

Monday, May 23, 2011

Download Deadly Race Game

Deadly Race Game Download Free. 3D combat racing game in postnuclear settings. Courageous from across the world to drive damaged car of victory over their rivals in the race off.
This challenging game is very fun to play, play this game was very tense because it is full of struggle and hard work to reach the finish. This game is designed with the 3D view so that play this game feels more comfortable and exciting.
Download game is on the link below.

Deadly Race Free PC Game Screenshot

Deadly Race

Download Bubble Shooter Game

Bubble Shooter is a game Shoot the bubbles and brain teasers. This game is very fun playing when you're feeling bored because a lot of work do you do all day, then than it is to eliminate the boredom that the best way is to play the game Bubble Shooter. for those of you who want to download the game Bubble Shooter download please click the link below!
Bubble Shooter

Friday, May 20, 2011

Download Cheat Engine 6.0 For Free

Cheat Engine - Good news for gamers, Cheat Engine is now released the latest version of Cheat Engine 6.0 Cheat engine with many advantages from the previous version. For the gamers would not hurt to try using Cheat Engine 6.0 is the latest.

Fitur Cheat Engine 6.0
• Added a 64-bit version
• Different compiler (uses fpc/lazarus now instead of delphi)
• Addresslist has been reimplemented from scratch
• Debugger has been reimplemented from scratch
• Hexview has been redesigned
• Added a new debuggerinterface : VEHDebugger
• replaced underc with lua
• Added several lua routines
• pointerscanner speed increased
• custom types changes from scantype to valuetypes that can be used in multiple locations
• disassembler shows colors and can be configured
• improvements to the stackview
• added tabbed scans
• standalone Trainermaker is currently not implemented
• added the option to save scanresults
• You can now compare the current addresslist to the values of a saved scan (first scan included)
• The above also makes the percentage scans more useful, so a between % scan has been added as well
• Tables can now contain lua scripts that can get executed
• Table entries can execute lua scripts when enabled/disabled (see it as an extension to auto assembler)
• Added conditional breakpoint
• added break on data breakpoint
• automated "find what accesses address" now shows a trigger count
• Hotkeys on cheat entries have been improved
• Temp files don't get saved in the ce folder anymore
• Cheat Tables don't get saved in the ce folder anymore
• Added a suggestion where you can save your tables now
• Cheat table entries can now be dragged and dropped, including on top of eachother
• Hexview can now show seperators any way you like
• You can compare two hexviews with eachother to show the differences
• Added the 7 byte hexadecimal display type
• Added some extra plugin apis
• Improved the change register on breakpoint gui
• And lots of other stuff

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Download Smadav 2011 Rev. 8.5

Finally on May 17, smadav released the newest version SmadAV Rev. 8.5. Antivirus made ​​in Indonesia was released with some additional new features such as the addition of specific detection for the virus not only that smadav ramnit.shortcut also added features the latest news about smadav, so we always know if there are changes or the latest version of smadav. So, for more details immediately download it.

New Features SmadAV Rev. 8.5
  • The addition of new local virus database
  • SmadAV-Updater, feature updates the database every week (online / offline)
  • Specifically for virus detection Ramnit.shortcut
  • New features: "Forgot Password" to SmadAV Pro
  • New features: "News SmadAV"

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Portable Free

Download Ms Office 2010 Portable Free. For office workers who daily struggle in front of the computer, there is info for those of you who are looking for Ms Office 2010 Portable software. Why did I give the Office 2010 that looks portable? because it is more portable form of easy use and more efficient in storing software. Enough is stored in the flash, and when at any time require the software can be directly applied without the need to install it.
Ms Office 2010 is perfect for those of you who work at the office. Because with a nice interface, you can easily express the most of your ideas.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Download Winrar 4.65 Full For Free

winrar is a compression program and a very good file extractor. Winrar 4.65 support to compress and extract files with popular extensions such as RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, gzip, uue, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip.

Excellence winrar 4.65 compared with other compression programs is 4.65 winrar can compress files into a very small size and be able to break or split files into several parts with sizes to suit our desires.

In addition, we can provide a very strong password for each file that you compress. Password is guaranteed safe and difficult to uprooted. Winrar 4.65 has the features - new features and improvements - improvements from the previous version winrar.

Download Winamp 5.61 Full For Free

winamp is one of the most popular media player software and the popular and highly favored by many circles. want to download the latest version please just download winamp media player is free.

then what's new in this winamp, the following excerpts from the maker winamp:
  • Wireless desktop sync with Winamp for Android™
  • iTunes Library Import
  • Major podcast overhaul including new directory powered by Mediafly
  • New Windows 7 support including taskbar player controls
  • Available in 16 languages including Turkish, Romanian & Brazilian Portuguese
  • Improved playlist generator
  • Add the Winamp Toolbar and control playback from your browser (optional)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Download Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Full

Download Adobe Photoshop CS5 Latest Free - Adobe Photoshop is software made ​​by Adobe Systems, whose function is to process a very powerful image with all its features. In addition, this software is easy to use, so I would not be surprised if millions of people who've been wearing this adobe-made software. For my friend who works as a digital photographer or work in the company of course ads are very obliged to use this software.
Some time ago, Adobe has released the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CS5. Inside Photoshop CS5 are some new features that certainly does not exist in previous versions, such as Content Aware Fill, Superior HDR imaging, Extraordinary painting effects, and much more.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 file size is quite big that is 979.9 MB. To simplify the download process, my friend can use the software IDM

Friday, May 13, 2011

Download Corel Draw Graphics Suite X5 Full

CorelDRAW X5 is a vector image processing programs and desktop publishing are quite popular. But with complete facilities and professional, even novice users are often difficult and confused to use it.
CorelDRAW versi X5 has a new look and some new applications that do not exist in previous versions of CorelDRAW. Some recent applications that exist, including Quick Start, Table, Smart Drawing Tool, Save as Template, and so forth.

Download IDM 6.06 Build 3 Update Mei 2011

IDM is a software that can speed up downloads on the internet, IDM in May has released the latest version of IDM 6.06 Build 3. For you lovers of IDM please download IDM  6.06 Build 3 on the link below complete with Patches.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Download Firefox 5.0 Beta 1 Full

One of the Firefox browser applications that are widely used by everyone. Now that Firefox is available in version 5.0 Beta 1 with the newest version of Firefox add pace with dozens of new features to provide a faster browsing experience more secure and suitable for all Web.
Performance Firefox is built on the Gecko platform personal products safer and easier to use.

Security system was upgraded, Firefox raising the bar for security. New malware and phishing protection helps protect from viruses, worms, trojans and spyware to keep people who are surfing using the browser.

Create a PayPal Account For Free

Paypal is one of the online payment tool is very popular today, for those of you who want to plunge into the online business is obligatory to have a paypal account, paypal account is used to receive payments from business programs that we follow like ptc, affiliate program payments outside country, and others. Paypal can also be used to purchase goods / services such as domain and lease purchase hosting.

Creating a PayPal account is very easy even for a beginner you and you do not have to have a credit card.
Check it step by step making of the following PayPal account please follow the instructions in red.

CLICK HERE to start making a new acount in PayPal and then click Sign Up Tody, like this picture taken
Create a PayPal Account For Free

If you feel confused with the 3 options below (Personal, Premier, Business) you should first try Personals
Create a PayPal Account For Free

Enter your personal data in accordance with the field provided.
Create a PayPal Account For Free

Skip this first step, just click on the "Log into My Account"
Create a PayPal Account For Free

Once you get into your account now confirm your email address.
Create a PayPal Account For Free

At this point Paypal will send an email to the address you Now open up your email inbox.
Create a PayPal Account For Free

If your email address correctly, then you will shortly receive an email like below. Note the confirmation code in the middle, please copy, then you can just press the yellow button "Connect your card"
Create a PayPal Account For Free

Enter the confirmation code that you get from email above and Confirmatio

At this point you have successfully done that will confirm your email address as the username you use on PayPal.
Create a PayPal Account For Free

Congratulations you already have a PayPal account