Monday, October 31, 2011

Download Game 7 Sins | [Mediafire] Full Free For PC (569 MB)

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I really liked this game that I played for months until i beat it. have a fun mini-games and naughty premise. plot is simple, you try to manipulate people into doing what you want. This could mean getting the girls to love you or get people to hate you. I do not believe that the game is not a big hit. There's so much fun to be had broken. If you enjoy carly or the like to cause problems in the Sims games then this is for you.
You will not believe what this game will let you do. So wrong I'm not sure I can even talk about it here.
now another reviewer who said that this is a bad game is one (although perhaps not for every one). It is collecting well and looks crisp on my lap. good music and I love them all the naughty mini games and even cruel. This game is a big stress.

Download  : | 7 Sins  Game | [Mediafire] Full Free For PC (569 MB) | Here |

Download Game 7 Sins | [Mediafire] Full Free For PC (569 MB)

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