Sunday, February 13, 2011

FIFA 11 World Cup 2010 Free Download Game For PC / Computer | Paly Now

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After the 2010 world cup fever is over, EA sports finally issued the latest games in the universe's most popular sports game of this earth is FIFA 11.
As we can see almost every year EA sports FIFA issued a series based on year.
The more years of increasingly expanded edition of the FIFA issued.
Through videos FIFA 11 - Official Trailer Featurette, Gary Paterson as the Creative Director of FIFA 11 provides some explanation about the new features presented in this game namely Personality +.
This feature will form the character became more colorful players during the match.
In the video was shown first hand how they do against the development of the Personality + and show the differences that occur in players with high skill with low berskill player.
Some of the skill players who have a direct impact on the Personality + this is pass the ball, shoot the ball precision, dexterity shoot the ball, dribble, perform Dachshund against your opponent, controlling the ball, and agility goalkeeper.
Start curious about the personality + released? Do not stop there because in this game FIFA 11 provides features Creation Center so that we can create a player in accordance with our own desires from the display, accessory is used, to the ability to play owned.

FIFA 11 World Cup 2010 Free Download Game For PC / Computer | Paly Now

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